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Saturday, 28 September 2013 23:48

Our field trip this month is visiting The Freshwater & Insect World and The Insectariums & Butterfly Park at Taman Mini Indonesia Indah. We are having much fun there and the children are very happy to see many kinds of fish collection as well as the aquatic plant. Also they are amaze to observe the kinds of insect and butterfly.

Start from School, we have two buses take us to location, we have a good time along the trip and it takes one hour to reach the location. After arriving at the location, we have our snack time, the children eat the snack first before we continue our journey in the museum.  When we start to enter the Freshwater Aquarium, firstly we are shown a gigantic fish called Arapaima gigas one of foreign species which is exhibited in Freshwater Aquarium.  What amazing thing for our children, even they allow to touch this big fish.

The children are happy to see, to pay attention, to listen the explanation from the guide about each fish in the Freshwater Aquarium. Especially when the guide shows us the attraction of some fishes, such as piranha, arapaima, electric eel, spotted puffer, obviously look from their faces how happy Iqro children are.

After enjoying many kinds of Indonesia’s unique fish collection and aquatic plants, Iqro children directly visit the Insectariums and Butterfly Park. Here the children take a look at many kinds collection of insect and butterflies. There are approximately 600 species of insect, 250 species among them are butterflies. The children are very enthusiast when they see the movie of butterfly metamorphosis; they seriously watch step by step the metamorphosis process.

Then, as the end of our trip, the guide takes us to go to Butterfly Park, where the children can see the various sizes and species of butterfly flies over them. How beautiful they are, the children are keen to catch them, but of course they can’t, the butterfly fly away.

Before leaving and go back to school, we have our lunch together. The children look exhausted, therefore they eat their lunch voraciously. Iqro children are very happy because we have much fun, get much knowledge about fish and insect. We do hope that we can visit other fascinating places in Taman Mini Indonesia Indah.


Visit also our galery on this trip here.

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Me and Mom - Kartini's Day Celebration PDF Print E-mail
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Saturday, 28 April 2012 00:00

To celebrating Kartini’s Day 2012, we held a program titled "Me and Mom". We had held it on April 28th, 2012.


The theme of our event is “Kartini’s spirit to encourage social consciousness and empathy to others” . In this program we held some activities which are Story Telling, Me and Mom decorating cup cake and making postcard, Charity Selling, Performance, and Food Bazaar.


Activity purposes that we would like to achieve through this program are:

1. Improve children self-confident, they can help others through their own hands through the artwork charity selling.
2. Strengthens children emotional relationship with parents especially their mother.
3. Fund raising for disabled through our partner Dare Foundation
4. Sharpening children sense of social sensitivity


About three weeks before the program was held, children of Iqro Islamic Preschool and Kindergarten had made their artworks. The Starter Class made sajadah, Explorer Class made mosaic collage, Kindergarten-1 made frame and flower vase, and Kindergarten-2 m

ade painting on canvas. All the artworks are pure handmade by children, while the teachers only helped them in providing materials and directing on finishing touch. These all children’s artworks were going to be performed and sold to their own mother on Charity Selling. In this case, we want to improve the children self confident by performing their own artworks to others.

In session of Charity Selling, the children’s Artwork were performed and sold to their own mothers. In this session, enthusiasm is very visible from parents and children as well as our guests from Dare Foundation in order to helping our disabled friends. Because all funds which will be collected through this charity selling program will be donated to Dare Foundation, a legal social foundation who has main activity on providing medical rehabilitation for the poor physical disabled person in Indonesia. This activity is accordance to our theme and purpose to sharpening and encourages children sense of social consciousness and empathy.

When the Artwork Selling for Charity was going on, in the other class, children and mom were working together in making postcard and decorating cupcake, the purpose we would like to achieve in this activity is to strengthen children emotional relationship with parents especially their mother.


The series of Me and Mom programs was closed by performance from students of Iqro Islamic Preschool and Kindergarten who sang together a song titled The More We Get Together. And Alhamdulillah the program was held successfully and the all donations collected had been submitted to Dare Foundation on May 3rd, 2012. We are highly appreciated for parents’ participation and would like to thank for all donations had been given.



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Shalawat Performance by Iqro Student PDF Print E-mail
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Saturday, 18 February 2012 00:00

We have invited by AIM International School in order to celebrating Maulid of Prophet Muhammad SAW in their school. And in this occasion our children participated to give the “Shalawat Performance” among of their programs.


The AIM International School is one of many Elementary Schools which we have good relationship with.


It's because the graduated students of Iqro Islamic Preschool and Kindergarten have been accepted in many Elementary Schools. And indeed students of Iqro are being well prepared to be able to fulfill the condition to get into further education level either International or National School.

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Trip to Pingu English Course PDF Print E-mail
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Friday, 27 January 2012 00:00

Field Trip this month is visiting Pingu English Course at MOI Kelapa Gading. Children of Iqro Islamic Preschool & Kindergarten look very happy, because they are going to visit Pingu English Course. Pingu English Course are going to introduce their English Programs to us especially to our children, how are we going to study English at Pingu English Course?.


They take us to each different room and we find two teachers in every class. How fun and comfortable our chirdren are. They pay attention and follow the instruction from the Pingu’s instructor who companied by our teacher of course, and they do great job for the assignment given.


And indeed we have a relationship with the Pingu’s English Course, which they give 20% discount for every Iqro’s student who taking English Course at Pingu.


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Me and Dad - Family Gathering PDF Print E-mail
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Thursday, 19 January 2012 02:15


Ki Hajar Dewantoro has a belief that education for the people of Indonesia must be done through the three environments which are families, schools and organizations. The family is the first and the most important center of education which always has a big influence on the development of a human child.

Further related to the proximity of the child with his family, his parents, especially with his father, what would a father in playing the role of education for their children? Seiderman in Parenting Pathaways (1998) stated that the father's role is:

Me and Dad

• Spend as much time with your child as possible,

• Active role in your child development,

• Involved with your child's education

• Be a role model for your child,

• Make sure your child is in good health.

What such an important role of fathers in children's growth, but unfortunately due to time constraints of the father because of his daily activities, it has reduced the crucial moments with the children. Therefore we feel is very important to improve the quality time of togetherness between father and son. That’s why we held the “Me and Dad” Event.


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