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Saturday, 28 September 2013 23:48

Our field trip this month is visiting The Freshwater & Insect World and The Insectariums & Butterfly Park at Taman Mini Indonesia Indah. We are having much fun there and the children are very happy to see many kinds of fish collection as well as the aquatic plant. Also they are amaze to observe the kinds of insect and butterfly.

Start from School, we have two buses take us to location, we have a good time along the trip and it takes one hour to reach the location. After arriving at the location, we have our snack time, the children eat the snack first before we continue our journey in the museum.  When we start to enter the Freshwater Aquarium, firstly we are shown a gigantic fish called Arapaima gigas one of foreign species which is exhibited in Freshwater Aquarium.  What amazing thing for our children, even they allow to touch this big fish.

The children are happy to see, to pay attention, to listen the explanation from the guide about each fish in the Freshwater Aquarium. Especially when the guide shows us the attraction of some fishes, such as piranha, arapaima, electric eel, spotted puffer, obviously look from their faces how happy Iqro children are.

After enjoying many kinds of Indonesia’s unique fish collection and aquatic plants, Iqro children directly visit the Insectariums and Butterfly Park. Here the children take a look at many kinds collection of insect and butterflies. There are approximately 600 species of insect, 250 species among them are butterflies. The children are very enthusiast when they see the movie of butterfly metamorphosis; they seriously watch step by step the metamorphosis process.

Then, as the end of our trip, the guide takes us to go to Butterfly Park, where the children can see the various sizes and species of butterfly flies over them. How beautiful they are, the children are keen to catch them, but of course they can’t, the butterfly fly away.

Before leaving and go back to school, we have our lunch together. The children look exhausted, therefore they eat their lunch voraciously. Iqro children are very happy because we have much fun, get much knowledge about fish and insect. We do hope that we can visit other fascinating places in Taman Mini Indonesia Indah.


Visit also our galery on this trip here.

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