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Iqro is an Islamic Preschool and Kindergarten with international curriculum, established on July 7th, 2007. Iqro curriculum, which is based on active learning and hand-on experienced, has given to the children for opportunity for self-expression and peer relationship in Islamic way.

At Iqro Islamic Preschool and Kindergarten, children are encouraged to learn, grow, and thrive in an Islamic environment that fosters independence. Our school are arranged with full of ways for children to explore and investigate, to build problem solving and critical thinking skills. Iqro teachers provide children needs according to their age and ability, in order to improve their skills in facing the world by Islamic way.


Our Philosophy

We believe that each and every child is born untainted and gifted with a potential in her/his unique way, it is our duty as parents/guardians to preserve the creativity and joy discovery in every child land to take a holistic approach to their learning process by providing and enjoyable and exciting early growth development, your child is hence given a good head start in education.


Our Mission

To maximize potential found within every child through Islamic Preschool and Kindergarten school. To create skillful and independent young Moslem who acquire positive attitude towards learning. To accommodate a friendly-Islamic learning environment whereby parents and teachers work together as one.


Our Objective

To enhance various aspect of children’s development included:

  • Social emotional, physical, moral, intellectual, and spiritual growth.
  • To apply effective teaching methods in educating young Moslems through innovative and stimulating program.
  • To create equal opportunities for all Moslems children to reach their potential.
  • To encourage all desires for independence and high sense of self-esteem.
  • To encourage children to discover their own strength, value their uniqueness and build strong respect toward aspect toward others.


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